The Cryo Killer

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At Life Extensions Ltd we guarantee that your death will be painless, or your money back when you’re thawed. And the Cryo Bureau? They won’t suspect a thing…

The Cryo Killer is a thrilling sci-fi short that will convince you not to step into the freezer quite yet.

What do reviewers think of The Cryo Killer?

“It’s moody, thrilling and will keep you on the edge of your seat right til the unexpected end.” – Khinky, Amazon Reviewer
“I’m a huge fan of Jason Werbeloff’s work thus far, and this short was no exception … I can’t wait to read what he comes up with next.” – Shelly, Amazon Reviewer
“Exploring our obsession with aging, beauty and immortality against an unfolding of nerve-wracking events, Werbeloff is here, as always, thought-provoking and exciting to read.” – Her, Goodreads Reviewer