Solace Inc

Giving you the time you’ll never have…

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Episode 1 in The Solace Pill trilogy:

With the advent of the first commercially available 3D printers capable of scanning and printing humans, life on Earth changes instantly. The benefits are wondrous: people no longer age or sicken, as they re-print themselves young, and in peak health – with any physiological, intellectual, or psychological modifications they desire. But to pay for this service, society is forced to work hard, constantly. They no longer eat or sleep, choosing instead to re-print themselves as if they had already eaten well, and slept a full eight hours. The world becomes overwhelmingly overpopulated, bullet-paced, and stressed.

Thankfully, Solace Inc has the solution: a pill which temporarily slows the user’s perception of time, and blots out the interminable busy-ness of the world. But Anders, a quiet anarchist who has worked his way to the top of Solace Inc, has modified the latest batch of Solace Pills. And this modification is going to change everything.

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What do reviewers think of The Solace Pill trilogy?

“The premise of The Solace Pill is both fantastic and frighteningly possible.” – Readers’ Favorite, Kristine Hall
“An incredible journey into the not too distant future.” – Amazon Top 500 Reviewer, A Navy Vet…VT town’s
“… packed solid with complexity ... if you are a fan of complex timelines, multiple worlds and futures you will like this book.” Goodreads Reviewer, Marc Byers
… this sci-fi novel cross philosophical labyrinth kept me spell-bound in its twisting corridors all the way through.”Amazon Reviewer, Her