Falling for Q46F

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In a world ravaged by undead humans, Q46F lives out its days trapped alone in a bunker. Each day since Master died is the same: feed the bunker wall, sing to the dining table in F major, and put the fridge to sleep.

But after waiting 27.03 years, obsessive compulsive Q46F hears a signal. A signal from another. Another Q46F.

Falling for Q46F is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi comedy short that will melt even a zombie-proof titanium heart.


What do reviewers think of Falling for Q46F?

“Gripping” – Frances Kendall
“… poignant and punchy with a great twist. I would recommend it to anyone, whether you’re a hardcore fan of science fiction or just looking for a thoroughly satisfying read.” – Khinky
“… hilariously original and oddly moving; a burst of brilliant and challenging storytelling that will stay in your retina for a long time.” – Her