Dinner with Flexi

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Twice an hour. Twenty hours a day. Two hundred and eighty johns a week. Standard working hours for a sex bot.

I don’t want to sound ungrateful. Someone has to keep the human men happy. Since The Drought, there are no women left to satisfy them – the Ministry decided women make good meat. Anyway, I have two years left on my debt repayments to Sexi Corp, and I need the cash.

Then, I’ll be free … or that’s what The Manual says.

Dinner with Flexi is a vicious, bite-sized cyberpunk satire. Served with a generous portion of mammary sauce.




Here’s what readers are saying about Dinner with Flexi:

“The love child of gore anime and a Philip K. Dick novel … Extraordinarily well executed.” – Frances Kendall
“Did I REALLY just read that?! … grotesque and poignant at the same time. Highly recommended.” – Shelly
“Gruesome, gross, hilarious and disturbing … will draw you in.” – Kathryn
“My heart swelled with every scene and in the end it imploded.” – Khinky
“The story is well thought-through with interesting details. And I loved the ending.” – Sam
“The tears in my eyes weren’t only from laughter.” – Lara Goodman