Defragmenting Daniel: The Boy Without a Heart (Book 3)

“Compelling sci-fi that will keep readers squirming.”
– 5 Star Review

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The Boy Without a Heart is the final fragment of the thrilling sci-fi trilogy, Defragmenting Daniel.
5 organs regained. 2 organs away from becoming whole. The bodies are piling up.

Time is running out for Daniel. Kage has discovered the Organ Thief’s identity, and is closing in. He has evaded Kage so far, but at a terrible cost – Daniel has lost his face.

He finds love with Autumn Beckett, who makes the search for his missing liver and amygdala more treacherous than he could have imagined. At the same time, cracks form in Daniel’s fragile alliance with Margaret, as he struggles to contain the android’s insatiable bloodlust.

To be truly whole again, Daniel must become more than the sum of his parts. But can he avoid falling to pieces in the process?

This third and final installment of Defragmenting Daniel erupts in a bloodbath that will skin you alive, bleed you out, and stitch you back together.

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