Defragmenting Daniel: The Face in a Jar (Book 2)

“Suffocating and enticing.”
– 5 Star Review

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The Face in a Jar is the second book in the thrilling sci-fi trilogy, Defragmenting Daniel.
2 organs regained. 5 still missing. Daniel’s gruesome crusade continues.

Daniel has retrieved his cornea and knee, fled Thomsin’s apartment, and made an unlikely ally in Margaret Evans. But Margaret, a bloodthirsty android that hungers for human parts, is an unstable accomplice.

Pressure mounts, as Daniel searches for his tongue and lungs. All the while trying to avoid Kage and the Bubble Police Department, who draw ever closer to discovering the identity of the Organ Thief.

Daniel must tread carefully, or risk losing more than just his organs.

Keep your blood surging with this second installment of Defragmenting Daniel, and acquire a taste for murder.

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