Audiobook: F**king Through the Apocalypse

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F**king Through the Apocalypse

Now available in audiobook, narrated by Marc Ryan Rees. Listen now using the SoundCloud widget below.

When Harold, not a day over 86, hears that the asteroid is going to hit in 27 days, he doesn’t sink into depression, nor jump off a building, nor move to Hawaii like his neighbors. No, Harold fulfills a dream. Harold decides to open a brothel.

F**king Through the Apocalypse is a sci-fi short about loss and redemption … with a hint of fuchsia.

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Here’s what readers are saying about F**king Through the Apocalypse:

“unexpectedly lovely” – Sam
“huge tears rolling down my face. I might need a hug too.” – Lisa
“masterfully written” – Phantom Prowler