Audiobook: Falling for Q46F

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Falling for Q46F

Now available in audiobook, narrated by Marc Ryan Rees. Listen now using the SoundCloud widget below.

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In a world ravaged by undead humans, Q46F lives out its days trapped alone in a bunker. Each day since Master died is the same: feed the bunker wall, sing to the dining table in F major, and put the fridge to sleep.

But after waiting 27.03 years, obsessive compulsive Q46F hears a signal. A signal from another. Another Q46F.


Falling for Q46F is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi comedy short that will melt even a zombie-proof titanium heart.

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The narrator, Marc Ryan Rees, can be reached at


Here’s what readers are saying about Falling for Q46F:

“Wonderful. Burnt chips while listening.” – William H A Isles

“… brilliant and challenging storytelling that will stay in your retina for a long time.” – Her

“… gruesomely amazing (and amazingly gruesome).” – Shelly

  • Tom

    Nice to hear the story in audio. I read it in e-book format originally but having it read to you is just like having a bed-time story. Nicely produced.

  • Martin Ekert

    I love this story, and couldn’t stop talking about it after originally reading it on ebook. I even tried persuading my wife to read it. As I think that even though it’s a dystopian tale, it has something for everyone in it. Jason is a fantastic author, who has a great way with words, and an awesome talent at stringing them together.

  • Disturbing and yet I could not stop listening. What kind of mind comes up with such a story? I’m intrigued. 🙂